• Why don't I receive my order confirmation email?

If you have not received the confirmation e-mail but you saw the confirmed order number at our site and you have been charged, you can be certain that your order has been successfully processed. You will receive your order without any problems.

The reasons you have not received the e-mail may be

A.There is an error in the email address.

B.The e-mail has been mistakenly marked as spam. Please check your spam folder and make sure to add Kitegirly to your safe list.

C.There has been a computer problem on our side when sending the confirmation e-mail during peak times and sales.

While we aren't able to resend your email confirmation, you may check your Order Status in your account or contact us at vip@kitegirly.com with your name, order number, and email address used to place the order, and we can confirm the order for you.

a.Check my order status

b.Change size,color or address

  • Where is Kitegirly located?

Kitegirly is an online fashion boutique that has seen rapid successful growth due to the popularity and quality of our products. Our team of fashion advisors are experts at sourcing high quality garments at cost effective prices. Every item is quality tested here in our warehouse.

We are able to ship globally due to the fact that our suppliers are located in China.


  • What payment methods can I use?
  1. Credit Card: You can pay via credit card (Visa & MasterCard) without a Paypal account.
  2. Paypal: This method requires you to have a PayPal account. You will need to log in to your PayPal account for this method.
  • Why did my payment fail?

If your payment for an order has failed, it may be due to the following situations:

CVV/CVC Code : The CVV/CVC code is the 3-digit code on the back of your credit card as shown in the example below.

Please note that an incorrect CVV/CVC code can cause payment failure. Please verify that you have entered the correct card security code and try again.

Insufficient funds: If you see an “Insufficient Funds” error when you make payment with your credit card, please make sure that you have sufficient funds in your account in order to proceed.

Exceed Credit Card limits: Please make sure the order amount does not exceed your credit card limit.

Verification failed: If your order has been cancelled for security reasons, your payment will not be sent to us. In this situation, some banks will hold the payment for up to 7 business days before releasing it back to the card holder. Contact your bank or card issuer if you have any questions about this. To proceed with your order, use another payment method. 

If you have been charged but order status is unpaid, please contact us for confirmation with transaction ID or PayPal payment receipt.

  • Can I redeem a coupon if I have already placed the order?
We are unable to redeem a coupon if an order has already been placed.
The coupon can not be exchanged for cash. We are not able to refund orders in the event that a coupon was not redeemed. The coupon will be valid for the next order
  • How can I use my coupons? 

At Checkout, enter the coupon code then click "Apply".

  • When will I get my money back after canceling the order?

Upon cancelling an order, it typically takes 3-10 business days to get your money back, depending on your bank.

If the funds have not been released after 10 working days, please contact us and we'll look into it for you.

  • How does kitegirly protect my credit card information?

When paying online, your details are protected by VeriSign SSL encryption (the highest level of protection commercially available). We do not save any of your account information as the payment is taken with the official PayPal method.


  • Where can I find your size guide and instructions?

All items at kitegirly are measured by hand and true to size. Please check size chart included with each item carefully before you make purchase.

  • Are kitegirly's clothes true to size?

Yes.All items at kitegirly are measured by hand and true to size. Please check size chart included with each item carefully before you make purchase.